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Lida de Malkiel's review stresses that Mena p. There is one piece of negative evidence: Mena's revival of the claim that Aristotle was Spanish 51 includes no mention of Petrarch's denial. A Petrarchan analogue has been noted for a passage of Jorge Manrique's Coplas 17 pp. For works on Fortune in fifteenth-century Spain pp. A similar work, the Tratado de caso e fortuna of Lope de Barrientos 5 , also makes no use of Petrarch. The count of Haro's library included a Flores e sentencias 47 p.

The prologue to Hernando de Talavera's translation of Contra Medicum p. This is noted by Gilman 21 p. The debt of Boosco deleitoso to Petrarch p. The dominance of De Remediis in the fifteenth century, and respect among French readers for Petrarch as a medieval auctor rather than a humanist pp.

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Rojas' library p. On the exemplum of Anacharsis p. The pessimism of De Remediis pp. The work's ambiguity is also discussed: 14 p. On pp. Fucilla's review supported me, but other scholars have supported Gilman, and I think they are probably right.

Les amants des praz Michel Bellin

Herriott pointed out flaws in my arguments with courteous but inexorable logic 24 pp. I remain convinced that the Act I passage is a topos , but I accept that it is partly composed of Petrarchan material. It is unnecessary to conclude, as Herriott does 24 pp. Two scholars have queried my conclusion that Petrarch's Italian poetry had no effect on La Celestina pp.

Gilman 21 pp. My own check of Petrarchan material in von Eyb, made in , supports Gilman; see also 35 p. Herriott defends 24 p.